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Gameday Central: NC State at Florida State

Win Streak. Please?

Louisville at Florida State: 2019

Gameday Central

NC State at Florida State 7:30 PM ET

Watch: ACC NETWORK (More on How to Watch)

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, ‘Pack Radio Network

Weather: Fall, after trying out Florida for 3 days, retired and moved North. Fall sends its regrets. At least you won’t have sun in your eyes or a burnt forehead. Temperature will be around 87 at kick off, dropping to 78 by the end of the game. It will be a humid, soupy night in Tallahassee. Winds 4 mph out the SSE. No chance of rain.

The Spread: Florida State opened as a 5.5 point favorite and has bumped in FSU’s favor to between 6.5 and 7. EXPECTATIONS! AGAIN! See the rest of your college football spreads here.

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A third of the season is in the books and FSU sits at 2-2. That means FSU needs a victory in each of the last 8 winnable games to sell improvement for the 2020 season. Florida State isn’t going to have a lot of 7ish point favorite games left this season at home. That means tonight’s game is right up there with last week’s must win.

Last week, the FSU defense showed signs of life. They rallied to the ball, ran down hill, linebackers filled gaps, there was some coverage in space. The first half results were great as FSU held Louisville to 2.9 yards per play. Moving Jaiden Lars-Woodbey to the edge and Leonard Warner III to the middle was going just as planned. It was exponentially better. Unfortunately, Woodbey gets injured. The defense in the second half dropped off. A lot. The ‘Noles gave up 7.6 yards a play in the 3rd Quarter and 8.5 yards a play in the 4th Quarter.

Florida State will need to adjust for the losses of Woodbey and Joshua Kaindoh on defense. NC State is more than capable of hitting 7 yard routes all day long if the ‘Noles decide to go soft coverage. In fact, it’s NC State’s entire offense. They don’t throw the ball deep and can run the ball enough to keep a defense honest. Offensively, Florida State needs to go warp-speed. We are talking Plaid. NC State’s defense has struggled against tempo. No reason to go slow unless, you know, has some sort of lead late in the game.

Florida State’s season is still on life support. A win today, at home and under the lights, will set the ‘Noles up nicely before the bye week. A bowl bid will be in reach. If you are in town, go enjoy a night game in Doak and hope this team gets its first win streak of 2019.

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