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Podcast: Reaction to the loss at UVA and a look ahead to VT

The podcast takes its first L

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As the buzzer sounded in Virginia, Matt and Michael got together to discuss what went well and what didn’t in the disappointing 61-56 loss to Virginia (APPLE // SPOTIFY). There were some coaching and execution issues to discuss, as well as talk on how the lingering injury to 5* freshman Patrick Williams is hurting the team, despite his offensive struggles.

After discussing the game they talk about general ineptitude of refs surrounding the block/charge call, and how it is the lowest of the low hanging fruit for the NCAA to improve college hoops for the fans. Will they do it? Haha yeah, right. The NCAA has a significant track record of poor decision making if it results in a few more dollars for executives.

They move on from Virginia to tackle the upcoming Virginia Tech game which will be FSU’s first look at the new Hokies head coach Mike Young. Hey, another ACC coach who likes really slow games!