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What’s wrong with Florida State’s defense?

Short Answer: too much.

Don Juan Moore

Florida State Seminoles football has had one of the worst defensive starts in school history. After giving up over 6 yards per play to a middling Georgia Tech team and giving free passes to Miami to the end zone, they are leaving a lot to be desired. But who is to blame?

It’s easy to point fingers at first year defensive coordinator Adam Fuller. After all, there should be a lot of talent to work with, right? I think in order to understand these problems we have to look to him first. How does his scheme work? Where are the weaknesses in this defense?

If you didn’t want to spend the 6 minutes watching the video here is the condensed version: there is no answer on the short side of the field. Injury issues at boundary corner and a turnstyle of defensive schemes stacks the cards against these kids. They aren’t helped by linebackers who look lost in coverage and a lack of a true pass rush. There is always some responsibility to be placed on coaches when performances are this bad but like many things, the issues are never really that simple.

Tell me what you have seen from this defense in the comments below.