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Video: How does FSU match up against Louisville?

Will the real Louisville Cardinals please stand up?

Louisville at Florida State: 2019

Louisville Cardinals Football under head coach Scott Satterfield is somewhat of an enigma.

When Satterfield took charge of the Cardinals in 2019, the program was in shambles. They seemed to have some stability under coach Bobby Petrino, but in the most Petrino-like fashion, he crashed and road rashed his way out of Louisville with a 2-10 record in his final year.

What the Cardinals needed was someone who could get them back on track. That person was Satterfield.

Satterfield coached Appalachian State for 5 seasons, winning over ten games a year in the process - not only did he know how to win, he experienced it a lot. His first year quickly brought hope back into the Louisville program. The Cardinals played Notre Dame much closer than a 2 win team should in their first game, and notched wins against Virginia, Wake Forest and Mississippi State before the year was out.

But 2020 is not the storybook many Cardinal fans hoped for. After starting the season firmly entrenched in the top 25, Louisville slowly slid out with a meager 1-4 record.

Do not let that record fool you. Louisville shares three of the same losses as Florida State, with many of those losses looking better on paper. This explains why their 1-4 team is favored over the Seminoles.

Now that I’m done with the history lesson, we will take a look at Louisville does on the field and what the Seminoles can do to try to extend the Cardinals’ losing streak.

This game could be very telling of the state of both of these programs moving forward. It is hard to know what Louisville team or what Florida State team will show up, but either way I’m just excited we get another weekend of college football.