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What questions do you have about FSU? Ask us, we’re answering

Some bye week fun! Depending on your definition of fun, I guess

A Peep into our Mail Bag Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images


Keep ‘em coming folks! We’ve got a great spread of questions already, and we’d love to add more to that list. Our first round of answering will be on Thursday’s Seminole Wrap episode

Florida State Seminoles football is on a bye week, so instead of our traditional game week coverage, we’re looking to cater to you, dear readers, and answer anything and everything on your mind.

Go ahead and drop it in the comments, and we’re going to answer them through a variety of formats — our Seminole Wrap podcast, on our Triple Option video series, through written content and more.

Ask about anything on your mind, like:

  • Florida State recruiting!
  • What progress has been made this season!
  • What progress hasn’t been made this season!
  • Scheme questions!
  • Analytics insight!
  • Personnel questions!
  • French cuisine recipes!
  • Ridiculous, hypothetical questions!
  • Our deepest, darkest most intimate fears!

You can get as specific as you like, or as general, and feel free to request your medium of personal preference. Want to hear the Wrap boys discuss it? Itching for some Q-and-Trey? Need it to be written out because you’re on Zoom and can’t watch a video at the same time? Just ask, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.