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Seminole Wrap: FSU Mailbag Megapod

It’s a family affair!

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

We’re getting the band together for the latest Seminole Wrap, the first in our series of addressing the questions you all left for us on Monday as part of our bye week mailbag (we’ll have a written version coming out Friday, with Triple Option tackling some questions as well this weekend, perhaps with a special guest.)

To help out Tim and Juan, CoachAB, evenflow58 and Matthew Minnick join to discuss everything from:

  • Why is FSU struggling right now? How would you judge FSU’s coaching staff? (10 minute mark)
  • Do you agree with the criticism of the FSU’s defensive coaching? (20 minute mark)
  • What’s the culture around Florida State? How did it come about? Why does, say, Florida State Seminoles basketball’s culture seem like it’s the opposite? (30 minute mark)
  • Who is the future of the defense? (40 minute mark)
  • What does progress look like for this team, outside of the obvious benchmarks like wins? (50 minute mark)
  • The environment around Florida State as a whole — from the program, to the social media noise, to unhelpful criticism from former players (1 hour mark)
  • How many wins are on FSU’s schedule? (1 hour 20 mark)

You can find it on Apple Podcasts here, all other currently available platforms here (including Google Podcasts and Stitcher) or embedded below. As always, please, if you haven’t yet, hit subscribe and rate us five-stars to help out on visibility — plus, if you subscribe, you’ll get the podcast instantly when it’s uploaded frantically at 1:32 in the morning.