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Florida State football, recruiting news: Self-scouting during the bye week

Where will FSU get better with the weekend off?

Don Juan Moore


Up this week on the Thursday 3? Emmett Rice:

Meet Doug Mannheimer; why is he important? He’s the Keeper of the Sod Cemetery.

Did you enjoy the mailbag edition of this week’s Seminole Wrap?

Some big unfortunate news for Clemson; Trevor Lawrence has covid. He will miss the Boston College game and possibly the Notre Dame game depending on when he tested positive. The ACC has a 10-day isolation rule regardless of how many times he tests negative from the first positive.

Florida State is on a bye this weekend but there’s still plenty of entertaining football to watch.

Other Sports:

What a finish in what could be a College Cup preview:

FSU lost its three best players and yet will still be in a good position to defend its ACC title this season.

FSU only lost five games last season and one of those losses was to Indiana; Looks like FSU will get a chance for some payback:

Jalen Warley needed to improve his passing and his facilitation for the next level; consider this improved:

Introducing ‘Sunday Golds’ a Seminole baseball podcast brought to you by Brett Nevitt; just another reason that TN’s baseball coverage is the best on the beat.


Jalen Ramsey donated one million dollars to a Nashville charter school.

Football wise; it looks like his defensive coordinator took a page from his days at Florida State: