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Seminole Wrap: Building blocks during a season of growing pains

It was always supposed to be a win, but it turned out to be exactly the kind FSU needed

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State Seminoles football was always supposed to beat Jacksonville State — but the way that it happened might have been the cold water to the face that FSU needed.

“It wasn’t pretty at times,” head coach Mike Norvell said after Saturday’s 41-24 win, “but it might’ve been exactly what we needed. We needed to be able to respond to adversity, we needed to be able to go out there and have sustained success through those moments and be able to feed off each other.”

The spark that got the Seminoles moving was the play of quarterback Jordan Travis, who had shown off highlight running potential in his appearances over the last two seasons but finally got a chance to showcase his arm, throwing for a long touchdown to Keyshawn Helton as well as a big competition to Tamorrion Terry.

Defensively, though, there’s still a lot to be desired — and we’re breaking down both sides of the ball today, joined by Tomahawk Nation writer and Four Verts co-host Jon Marchant.

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