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Florida State vs. Clemson postponed

No make-up time has been announced

NCAA Football: Clemson at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

In a somewhat stunning surprise the ACC has announced that today’s Clemson at Florida State football game has been postponed:

The report simply states that both teams’ medical personnel were unable to agree on moving forward with the game.

We’ll have more reporting on that as more information becomes available but for now there will be no contest between the Seminoles and the Tigers today.

Clemson was getting Trevor Lawrence back from battling covid and FSU was set to start Tate Rodemaker as the Seminoles have just been decimated by injuries and opt-outs lately. Presumably, assuming both teams have open dates, if the game is to be rescheduled it would have to be on December 12th a week before Clemson likely plays Notre Dame in a rematch for the ACC Championship.

It does hurt FSU in the sense that they could potentially lose a home football game but for now FSU must turn its focus towards to the Cavaliers whom travel to FSU next Saturday.