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Florida State football game time against Virginia announced

A home game after a bye week is just what the doctor ordered.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Virginia at Florida State game time, shrouded seemingly forever in mystery, has finally been revealed:

FSU will be fresh coming off a bye week after Clemson brought a Covid-19 positive player on their crowded plane last Friday to Tallahassee. Oh, and he had been practicing as usual while showing symptoms of a respiratory infection prior to his Covid-19 test earlier in the day on Friday which by Friday evening had come back as positive. This was enough to convince FSU’s medical professionals that the game could not be safely played due to the potential - even, likely - spread of Covid-19 amongst the Tigers.

There are lots of strong opinions on FSU’s handling of the matter.

But anywho (more like anywahoo, amirite), FSU looks to use the extra week of rest to heal up for the arrival of Bronco Mendenhall’s Virginia Cavaliers who are 4-4 on the season.

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