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Seminole Wrap: Why is Florida State struggling to make progress?

Going deeper than the eye test to see where FSU stands

“I didn’t see an effort issue tonight. I thought the guys really worked hard...their attitude and approach, I was proud of them.”

“We missed too many tackles. A couple explosive plays...we have to continue to work consistently to be a better tackling team.”

“Some of the experiences are ugly right now, and nobody wants to finish the game, go what we just went through, but I believe in these guys. We’re going to do this the right way — paint the picture of what it looks like to be successful, 24/7, 7 days a week.”

Florida State, through seven games, hasn’t appeared to show any improvement — at least on surface observation.

FSU is sitting at 2-5, its worst record since Jimbo Fisher’s final season in Tallahassee, and the Seminoles have struggled to put points on the board in the second half of games just as much as the defense has struggled to prevent other teams from putting them up during both halves of them.

A lot of discussion amongst fans has been — how is this any better than Willie Taggart’s teams? What positives are there in the program right now? How does any of this get fixed?

Perry facilitates a discussion between Juan and CoachAB on those topics and several related, as the Seminoles stare a final stretch of a schedule that, at best, could net them possibly two wins. It’s a moderately depressing talk, but one also full of moderate hope and examples of why things are actually looking up.

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