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ACC approves framework for 2021 baseball season

FSU, Mike Martin Jr. to have majority of regular schedule.

Larry Novey/FSU athletics

Florida State baseball is going to happen in 2021. The ACC’s athletic directors approved a framework for the college baseball season today, per Kendall Rogers of D1Baseball. The framework consists of the following:

  • 50 overall games
  • 36 conference games (12 weekend series)
  • 14 non-conference games (weekend or midweek)

The framework is set to give the Seminoles and the rest of the ACC the majority of a regular season, which is normally set at 56 games. There is always the chance all 50 games do not get played, but the 50 games is a good starter for the conference.

Rogers also reported that the start date for the ACC baseball season is February 19th, 63 days from now. With 12 ACC weekend series (the normal 3-game setup), it will be a long season of tests for Florida State. The Seminoles are replacing their Friday and Saturday starters, but bring back their entire starting lineup and a stable of power arms in the rotation.

Play ball.