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Roundtable Analysis: FSU playing LSU?

Why, dawg?

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell Introduction Press Conference
Tomahawk Nation

Florida State announced a Labor Day series with the Louisiana State Tigers. A shot in New Orleans for 2022, with a chaser in Orlando in 2023. This is in addition to West Virginia and Boise in 2020, Notre Dame in 2021, and Alabama in 2024 and 2025. Oh, and that team out east every Thanksgiving weekend.

Tomahawk Nation has harped on smart scheduling for many years. This is decidedly not a good example of smart scheduling.

What motivated FSU to schedule such a strong opponent?

Juan Montalvo: Money.

Evan Johnson: A misunderstanding of how to make money. Good teams make money. Teams that exit September with a loss every year tend to make less.

David Visser: Dollars and a lack of sense.

Trey Rowland: Gumbo.

NoleThruandThru: The dulcet tones of Ed Orgeron.

Where do you expect FSU to be as a program in 2022 for the first game of this series?

Juan Montalvo: At the sort of 2010, 2011 level that Jimbo had elevated the program to from the dregs he had to work with. Norvell will be on year three with one of his two QB signees in Purdy/Rodemaker or with the lone scholarship signal caller currently on roster in Jordan Travis. The offensive front should be improved and QB play should shake itself out - but unless blue chip difference making defensive linemen are signed in 2021, this will not be a team that you could expect to compete with a traditional power.

Evan Johnson: Not on the same level that LSU traditionally is. I expect FSU to be heavy dogs in both these games. I think that Mike Norvell will do a good job at FSU but it’s going to be a slow build. I don’t think this roster is as talented as some people give it credit for and I think there’s more weeding out of players Norvell has to do.

David Visser: I’m buying into Norvell too, but the guy’s still going to be coming through transition classes against one of the premier programs in the country that has signed two top-5 classes in 2019 and 2020.

Trey Rowland: FSU will be a well-coached and organized team...that will also likely be less talented than the Tigahs. Now, how much less talented? That’s the fun question. With a competent 2020 season, I could really see Florida State gaining some momentum with their 2021 class that should carry forward. It will be an intriguing litmus test for the ’Noles.

NoleThruandThru: A team that is close to emerging from the current hole it’s in. I expect FSU to be a top-15, fringe top-10 program. But not at the level LSU will likely be due to better consistent recruiting along the trenches.

What teams would you have preferred FSU to schedule?

Juan Montalvo: ‘85 Bears, ‘13 FSU, ‘01 Miami

Evan Johnson: Kansas. Pretty much any Power 5 team that is in the lower half of their conference.

David Visser: I’m good with Evan’s response, and wouldn’t even mind FSU going lighter. This program isn’t contending for the CFP in 2022, so stockpile wins. I’d be fine with games against G5 foes.

NoleThruandThru: I would have preferred a team like South Carolina, Indiana, Arizona, or another lower-middle tier P5 program.

Trey Rowland: Iowa, because I’m selfish, and Iowa City is only like 2 hours away from me. The people up here are also very nice, and pork tenderloin sandwiches are delicious. You’d love it. YOU HEAR ME COBURN?!? Schedule the series.

Do you think this is smart scheduling?

Juan Montalvo: For LSU? Yes. For FSU? Nope. Wins are at a premium and this could be the game that is the difference between FSU making a New Year’s Six and Citrus level Bowl or a Belk bowl.

Evan Johnson: I can understand people wanting to see FSU play LSU. I would like to see that also. However, I’d like to see that in the playoffs. Ultimately the goal is to win championships and while I don’t think FSU will be championship quality by 2022 no matter what their schedule looks like (the roster will be dealing with two transition classes) scheduling wins gives you a better record and a better record allows you to recruit better.

This type of scheduling would be fine if they didn’t also schedule Alabama in 2025 and 2026 and then Georgia in 2027 and 2028. At least those games are home and away. The LSU series is in Orlando and New Orleans. Not terrible cities but college football is much much more enjoyable on college campuses.

David Visser: Nope. I feel like Florida State is trying to schedule itself back into national relevance, and it’s got this backward. The Seminoles need to amass as many wins as they can, which will gradually help with optics. Taking beatings to open seasons isn’t the answer.

Trey Rowland: If your goal is to give Florida State the best chance of making the playoff/staying on the national stage for as long as possible, it’s probably not smart scheduling. However, it is very entertaining scheduling. Let’s be real, although it’s easy to go negative on this matchup ( for legitimate resons), the fanbase is going to be very excited to play against college football’s most unintelligible head coach while also getting bombed on Bourbon Street.

NoleThruandThru: Extremely smart... for LSU. Not very smart for FSU.

BONUS QUESTION: Who will be under/behind center for the ‘Noles for these matchups?

Juan Montalvo: Chubba by a nose in fall camp over Tate.

Evan Johnson: The LSU defensive line

David Visser: Okay Evan’s answer is great, but I’ll go ahead and say that FSU will be Chubba Purdy’s team by this point.

NoleThruandThru: Hubba hubba, it’s gonna be Chubba!

Trey Rowland: Obese Purdy