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Inside the box score: FSU pitchers dominate as Junior picks up his first series W

Five Florida State pitchers combine for 15 K’s on Sunday

Brett Nevitt
  1. The ‘Noles were unable to get anything going with two outs today, going 0/7 with just one walk, which led to 12 runners being stranded on base. It’s hard to look at an 11-0 win and think you left a lot out there, but FSU did today. They need to capitalize more when the opponent gives them free baserunners and they need to be able to hit with two outs. Florida State also ended four of eight innings with a strikeout. The two-strike and two-out hitting has to be better than what it was today.
  2. The pitchers combined to give up just one free pass in game three of the series as they threw 70.8% strikes. If it weren’t for a phantom foul tip that extended the game, it would’ve been a spotless day for the pitching staff. Five FSU pitchers combined to throw 130 pitches in 9 innings, good for 14.4 pitches/inning. Conor Grady led the way throwing just 13 pitches per inning in 5 innings. The efficiency mark for pitchers to hit is 15 per inning, so the ‘Noles did a good job of that on Sunday. FSU pitchers posted five 1-2-3 innings on the day and it would’ve been six if not for an error. When this staff doesn’t beat themselves with free passes, they’ll be a tough group to scrape runs across on.
  3. Despite scoring 11 runs, FSU’s offense had a poor day moving runners over and hitting with two outs. The Seminoles situational hitting struggles started in the early going. Florida State had a pop up and a K with a runner on third with less than 2 outs in the first inning, before another pop up in the second and a K in the fourth. On the day FSU failed to covert on that opportunity five separate times. FSU also advanced runners at a poor 46.9% rate. It didn’t matter today as FSU got up early, but the conversion rate has to be higher in the long run of the season.