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Podcast: Mail bag!, Syracuse recap, Pitt preview

MJ Walker’s fat lip wants you to listen to this podcast

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always fun to beat Syracuse. Jim Boeheim was his usual jovial self in the post-game. Coach Hamilton remained tight-lipped about why Devin Vassell didn’t play. And MJ Walker had a fat lip. Good game! (APPLE // SPOTIFY)

We break down how Florida State was able to pull the win despite missing their leading scorer. We range over a bunch of topics including offensive rebounding, turnovers, 3-point defense, and high level (literally) play from Patrick Williams.

Before the break we go to the mail bag! Lots of great questions from listeners, though on our cheat sheet the selfish producers failed to include the listener’s name who asked the question, so you must live in Tomhawk Nation anonymity. We will press them harder next time. We cover recruiting, lineups, adjustments, seeding, team-Wyatt, and the length of Coach Ham’s tenure.

Finally, we go back to November and talk about what is different this time around vs. Pitt. After FSU was forced to play Pitt in the season opening ACC money grab round, the two teams now meet again, though each team is little different than they were three months ago.