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Florida State football, recruiting news: How good are FSU’s defensive tackles?

The strength of FSU’s team starts with 16 & 21 up front.

Syracuse v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


There’s no doubt where FSU’s best players are: defensive tackle. Marvin Wilson and Cory Durden lead a group that’s pushing to be elite; particularly after switching to an even front on defense.

This is an interesting tweet from Bud following AJ Lytton’s dismissal:

Transition classes are bad by circumstance; combine that with a culture of non-accountability and you get 40% of your sophomores gone or wanting to leave before their sophomore spring practice.

Two weeks until spring practice means there’s still time to get plenty of heavy lifting in:

Here’s the schedule for the next round of FSU coaching socials:

This will save FSU some dough:


It’s not just the Big 3 schools in Florida that are struggling to keep their five-star recruits at home; it’s everyone in the country. The elite kids can go wherever they want and kids these days are taking advantage of that.

Lloyd Willis was unable to early enroll like he wanted to but he did make first-team All-Dade:

FSU has offered a 2022 defensive end:

Four-star defensive back Jantzen Dunn has been offered by Florida State:

Other Sports:

NC State is on the bubble; they’ll be desperate when FSU travels to face them this Saturday.

Another ACC win for Women’s Basketball:

After a hot start FSU Softball is definitely in a rut.