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Tomahawk Nation’s next chapter: Back to basics

It’s like Ignition Tradition, except, you know, nothing like that.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Boise State v Florida State Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Time, like a river, flows endlessly.

There isn’t a continuation of that metaphor, it just seemed like the sort of sentence you would start this kind of piece with.

There’s been a few weeks of changes here at Tomahawk, which have come on the back of a few years of changes at the site, at Florida State and really, overall, in the content that we’re looking to provide you all. There’s no longer a need to scream at the masses about fourth down attempts or offensive pace, we don’t have to twiddle fingers over if the head coach is going to turn things around or get canned in a year, we don’t have to focus on putting up things first, just for it to be an article that says the same six things as every other site.

Tomahawk Nation, when it comes down to it, has always centered around two content ideologies: analysis and personality. That analysis could be something as significant as the baseball coverage our Brett Nevitt has been putting out, or the film reviews we do during football season, or the great work Michael Rogner and Matt Minnick have done with covering Florida State basketball, or something as stupid as our Eyes on the Enemy pieces, just like that personality will either be dumbassery, abrasiveness, or whatever Frank is.

We’re going to make sure we stick to that, and make sure we’re fully taking advantage at one of the most exciting times in Florida State athletics. Basketball, men’s and women’s, are thriving. Seminoles track and field, softball and soccer are amongst the nation’s elite, and baseball and football are both entering into new, exciting eras where potential is endless (and we haven’t even talked about esports yet!). We can rely on the die-hards and olds to fact-check this, but arguably, there’s been no better time to be invested in Florida State athletics, and we want to make sure that we give you, dear reader, the best possible place to experience that.

(And also be better than everybody else at doing it. Winning’s the goal, right?)

Don’t worry: we’re not patting ourselves on the back for putting out a vague, feel good, “rally the troops” post and calling it a day. We’re aware this is all coach speak until results happen, so we’re ready to put the pedal to the medal, grind it out, and as the kids say, get this schmoney.

Here’s to you all getting it with us.