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Podcast: the glorious Louisville recap

FSU improves to 2-0 vs Louisville

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The second half blowout of Louisville had our heads spinning, and we spend plenty of time discussing how it all happened and who was responsible. Matt talks a bunch about the atmosphere, which was absolutely electric, and slots it into his 20+ years of experience at the Tuck. But were not here at Tomahawk Nation to only talk about all the great things. So we dove into a couple of underlying issues which you may have missed in the excitement.

We could have given long spiels about any of nine or ten guys, but in the interest of time we limit the kudos to the highlights. Go back and watch the last 22 minutes of the game if you want to see Ham ball in all its glory.

From there we naturally transition to Tiger Woods and Bobby Bowden. There’s actually a method to our madness, but you’ll probably have to just listen to us discussing peak FSU which somehow ends with us fantasizing about Michael Snaer on this team.

We wrap things up with a discussion about potential paths to a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament. That would obviously begin with a win this weekend at Clemson. We’ll be back soon with a quick Clemson preview pod.