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The “dek” is a subhead that appears below the headline.

This is my last week with Vox Media. I’ve spent almost all of my adult life associated with Tomahawk Nation. Even after stepping back to the Emeritus role in 2018 I still felt like a part of it, though I knew I had to pull back fully in order for it to take its new direction as I focused on my main gig.

This is a thank you and a goodbye to you, the readers. And also to all the 50+ contributors over the last decade. You broke news, you informed, you entertained. But what made me smile the most was when a reader told me that the site made them appreciate the game in a new way.

Y’all believed in my vision for a site, trusted the coverage, and helped this place grow. It will always be special because it’s more than its coverage, it’s its community.

I’ll miss the conversation with the writers in our slack chat. I’ll miss some of these goofballs coming up with an idea everyone else shot down, writing it, and having it turn out awesome. We’ve gone though births and deaths together. It’s become a family.

And I’ll miss reading the inside jokes in the comment section which long ago stopped being funny, but have nevertheless persisted. Long live gas station recruiting scoops from the commenters and elite ankles.

I’ve hit the 150-word limit necessary to hit publish. Y’all deserve 20X that. And if I start thanking people individually, or recounting the memories, it would get there. And would run over. And I’d still leave people out and it would bug me that I couldn’t go back and add them in. So I’ll stop before I start.

Not just content. Community. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.