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VIDEO: Day 2 of FSU football spring practice

Florida State works on basics to start practice

Florida State took to the field once again for spring practice. Coaches pushed the players to practice at tempo throughout the open period with players not ever taking their helmets off. It is clear that the coaches want to use tempo and pressure through practice to prepare this team.

Fan favorite, Wyatt Rector seemed to be getting a lot of attention and passes as he acclimates to the tight end position. Rector moved to the 3-back position from QB and needs exposure. The 3-back is a hybrid tight end and plays a key role in Norvell’s offense. Getting Rector up to speed appears to be a priority early.

Wide receivers worked hard on ball security. Takeaways, both preventing and creating, have been a point of emphasis throughout the early days of practice. We saw some sloppy play in tempo drills by Tamorrion Terry that drew the ire of Norvell. Terry is being pushed very hard early this spring.

Starters have been working out on special teams, which suggests that will also be a major emphasis for this coaching staff as often times backups will start on special teams, especially on coverage.

Offensive line coach Alex Atkins is not going to accept repeat mistakes. While working on day one footwork drills you hear Atkins demanding perfection. The young OL coach knows what he wants and he is not going to accept less. The pressure is on for the offensive line.