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ACC Tournament cancelled amongst Coronavirus concerns

No more hoops.

Coach Hamilton showing his lighter side against the Bonnies
Coach Hamilton showing his lighter side against the Bonnies

After several major sports leagues suspended their seasons and colleges nationwide are transitioning to online-only models, the ACC is the latest sports entity to take precautions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Southeastern Conference, the Big Ten, the AAC, and other conferences have canceled their postseason tournaments in the wake of the NCCA’s announcement that the NCAA basketball tournament would be played without fans.

In the professional sports realm, the PGA Tour is moving forward without fans, but the NBA has fully postponed the remainder of their regular season.

Florida State has converted in-person classes to remote learning courses for the two weeks following FSU’s spring break.

ACC commissioner John Swofford said just this morning that there were plans to carry out the tournament, but concerns for the health of officials and athletes has appeared to take priority.

The ACC has officially canceled the tournament and named Florida State the conference’s champion and representative for the NCAA Tournament, which, for now, is still currently scheduled.