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ACC baseball play suspended

And just when the ‘Noles were starting to show their potential.

Brett Nevitt

The FSU baseball season has been put on a pause. The ACC has announced that the baseball season along with all spring athletics is suspended.

FSU is 17 games into the season with a 12-5 record. The Seminoles were set to face Georgia Tech In a three-game series this weekend, but that will no longer be happening.

CJ Van Eyk, Shane Drohan, Elijah Cabell, Reese Albert, and others are draft eligible. Chase Haney, Antonio Velez and others are in their last year of eligibility. How the NCAA and ACC ends up handling this, will be crucial for the Seminoles.

With FSU seemingly starting to find their rhythm and heating up, this likely comes at the worst time for the ‘Noles. But this is something bigger than sports, and there’s nothing that you can do now. Last night, Mike Martin Jr. spoke on the importance of playing and what fans mean to the atmosphere:

“Our game is not like some games, where you can stop and then pick it back up. That’s why they play 162 of them [in the majors].”

Baseball is a timing sport, that’s why the MLB has spring training. Players can’t just step onto the diamond and hit a ball after not seeing live pitching for weeks. We already saw how it can mess with a hitter this year, as Reese Albert struggled to open up the year after missing the entire fall slate.

More details will likely follow in the coming hours and days from Florida State and the ACC. We’ll also have more on the other spring sports that were cancelled later. There are just so many questions surrounding this topic right now.