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State of Tomahawk Nation: Let’s get weird

Well, we’re here.

Florida Gulf Coast v Florida State Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Are y’all getting sick of long, dramatic columns yet?

So, first things first: in case you haven’t gotten curious and clicked on the masthead (which, if you’re a normal person, you probably haven’t), I’m now serving as the site manager here at Tomahawk.

I was hoping to be able to do this maybe around the end of spring practice, after we carried out our full Tomahawk Nation 2.0 Ultra Super Secret Revitalization Plan, rising from the mist to adoring and shocked commenters to announce that, yes, ‘twas I that has helped lead the revolution, helped along with the amazing work that our on-scene staff and online contributors have pushed out.

Instead, I’m saying it as a sidebar, as we embark on the weirdest chapter of sports we’ve had yet.

(But still, feel free to still carry me through these internet streets chanting my name. I’d never turn that down.)

In my humble and completely biased opinion, I feel like we’ve already gotten off to a great start in terms of starting to get back to giving you consistent, in-person coverage, coupled with analysis going beyond box scores. It’s been amazing to see the uptick in community in just these last few weeks, as we’ve done that, and realizing the efforts of everybody on board have been noticed and appreciated, as we got back to our roots. There really were some exciting things planned for spring and beyond to start establishing ourselves as the place to read about your Florida State Seminoles, and while we still have the chance to make those happen (eventually), we’ll have to refocus.

We should be on the verge of starting a Final Four run, or seeing if the women’s hoops team could utilize its recent hot offensive streak, as they embarked on their tournament, or figuring out what Mike Martin Jr. could do in his first season, or scrutinizing every millisecond and frame of a shaky practice video shot on an iPhone, or seeing what softball could do in ACC play, but instead, we’re here, reading this, still trying to understand what exactly is going on.

While practice reports and game recaps obviously can’t be done, we’re going to keep putting out content. We’ll be focusing even more on our Whiteboard Wednesday and other analytical pieces, both on advanced and basic concepts, so that you can either come out of this smarter yourself, or maybe force your loved ones to actually learn something while they’re home. We’re going to focus on storytelling and personality, on engaging with our readers, while continuing to establish the community we have here, as we said we’d do.

This site has always been bigger than Florida State athletics for some of you for, and I can speak to how much the staff here has become family. I lost my grandfather two weeks ago, and the amount of support that poured in from them was immeasurable, and I’ve seen the same happen for each person on our staff who’s dealt with some form of tragedy these last few years. I want that same feeling for all of you here, because in a time when fear is the easiest emotion and confrontation is second nature, it’d be nice to continue having that escape.

Much has been said about sports being comfort, and how losing them really is one of the biggest factors in shattering our sense of normalcy right now. It’s true, but it’s also true that there are things much more important than sports right now, which I guess, is why they’ve been put on pause. Some of you have children, some of you have to adjust your work life completely (or are even out of work), some of you are at-risk and scared. The above even describes some of our staff, and we understand. We’re dealing with something we’ve never dealt with before, and we have to figure it out together.

Shout into the void here if you want; start your own threads and fan posts; lean on us as much as we lean on you. Let us know if you need anything. Slide into my DMs if you have any questions, ideas, or critiques (as if anybody would ever have those!). Keep us honest and in check. And stay safe, while keeping a close eye on your loved ones.

In the meantime, let’s get weird.