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Mike Martin Jr. speaks on the end of FSU baseball’s 2020 season

The first-year head coach doesn’t think the 2020 MLB draft will happen.

Brett Nevitt

Mike Martin Jr. spoke to the media on Wednesday morning via a conference call for his last presser of the 2020 season. The first year head coach spoke on not only his disappointment, but also the players’ disappointment in losing the season.

Junior talked on the Thursday meeting when he had to tell the players the season was being suspended, “It was the most difficult time in all my years, because the guys thought that was it. Some guys were balling their eyes out because they thought they would never put that uniform on again.” He talked on how the players felt about the entire situation, saying “They’re nervous because things are so uncertain. They’re sad because they enjoy each other’s company so much.”

He also spoke on how recruiting and roster sizes are going to progress moving forward, saying “It’s going to be interesting. I don’t know exactly the formula they’re going to come up with, but obviously we’ve got to get more scholarship money. There’s no way you can have a recruiting class of 15 or so and stay under 11.7 (scholarships).” The head coach also spoke about eligibility for his players, saying he believes everyone should get an extra year, “The way I understand it is is it’s everyone, but it’s not a done deal. In my opinion, it should be for everyone, 17 games is not a season. I think it’s important that they do it across the board.”

Meat also spoke about the 2020 MLB draft and his disbelief that it will actually happen, as he said “The first thing is, is there going to be an MLB draft? I find it hard to believe there’s going to be a draft.” He doesn’t think teams will be willing to pay players without being able to scout them for a longer period of time. “The owners are going to be really reluctant to pay guys when the sample size is so small.”

He talked about what players can do now and their approach to keeping players in shape, with the players at home and most gyms being closed, saying “Our strength coach Jamie Burleson sent them a body weight workout for every day of the week.”

Junior spoke on what he can do now, without being able to see his recruits or players during this time, saying he can “Field calls, send texts, try to keep everyone on board, and watch lots of videos of recruits.” He also spoke on volunteer assistant coach Tyler Holt. Holt relies on compensation as the NCAA doesn’t allow salary for the third assistant coach in baseball. Junior said, “The compensation, it stinks, because it’s not going to be there without camps and things, but I’m going to pay him out of my pocket, I don’t want to lose him.”

Meat felt that his team was just starting to show what it could do. He acknowledged that the as the defense was turning the corner, the whole team was. He said, “Yeah we were definitely playing better. Defense is everything and we were playing better defensively. Starting to play cleaner baseball which translates to winning.”

He also touched base on the time between NCAA canceling the CWS and ACC canceling the rest of spring sports. Junior was still hoping for at least an ACC Championship before yesterday’s announcement, “That’s what we were all holding out hope for. There’s no NCAA tournament, but we could get this thing under control and start back playing and have an ACC Championship and it’d be good for everyone.” Asked about D1Baseball’s proposal of playing the rest of games in the fall, Junior said, “Our game’s meant to be played a lot, that’s the only way kids are going to be able to develop. I’m all for playing in the fall. As soon as we can, whether it’s summer or fall, we need to get it going.”