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Florida State football, recruiting news: Rashad Greene vs Jameis Winston, who ya got?

FSU loses another to the NBA Draft

Florida State v Clemson

Other Sports:

Patrick Williams has become FSU’s third one-and-done joining Malik Beasley and Jonathan Isaac by entering the NBA Draft after one year at FSU.

BleacherReport’s latest Mock Draft has them going back-to-back in the first round.

Whether it’s one year or four; when you play for Coach Ham a ‘nole is a ‘nole for life:


Tre Mckitty transferred to UGA but in the latest edition of Tutorial Thursday in which we evaluate the heavy use of TE’s in Norvell’s spread he might’ve missed out on a big opportunity.

What has life been like for David Coburn since sports were officially canceled due to COVID-19.

It’s round of 32 time in the best FSU player of all-time bracket; and we’ve got Jameis Winston paired against his favorite collegiate target.


Four-star Miami athlete Travious Lathan loves FSU.

FSU offered a pass rusher from my neck of the woods; four-star defensive end Aaron Armitage from Blairstown, NJ:

Four-star junior linebacker Ian Jackson has a top ten:

This is a creative way to keep FSU on a kid’s mind:


Xavier Rhodes has found a new home: