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Florida State alum Jonathan Isaac standing tall during COVID-19

Former ’Nole helping those less fortunate in Orlando.

Florida Gulf Coast v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Jonathan Isaac played for the Florida State Seminoles during the 2016-17 season before being selected 6th in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic. But he’s always been more than just a basketball player.

Isaac recently partnered up with Project Life and Jump Ministries for “Covid-19 Ready, Set, Feed,” an initiative aimed at “helping the least of these in our community.”

TN had the chance to catch up with Isaac, in order to spread the good news about what he’s doing in his community and how Florida State fans can help:

Tell us about how you first got involved with Project Life and when did this opportunity come to the forefront?

“I’ve worked with Project Life a bunch of times in the past. They brought what they were going to do to my attention, and I just helped push it and have donated and gone to the store for food!”

If you could, please describe the basic outline of the program for our readers.

“For the past week [we] have been feeding kids 18 and under free breakfast and lunch, busing food to extended stay hotels, and every Friday [we’re] giving a box of non-perishables [to] families that should last them a week!”

What’s the latest after this week and how can Florida State fans (and others in the Orlando area) get involved?

“Starting on Monday, we did 187 delivery meals per day, plus on-site grab-and-go, for an estimated total of 250 meals per day.

On Friday (3/27), we gave away 200 meal boxes, and they were all gone in less than an hour.

Overall, the first week was a full success, but now with the stay-home mandate, we’re getting calls from the community to deliver food, so this number may increase weekly.

Currently, we’re still in great need of donated supplies to be able to meet the needs, containers, meat, drinks, non-perishables, bread, etc...for those who are willing and able to help!

Thank you!!”