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Inside the box score: FSU baseball gets back in the win column

Put the ball in play, good things happen.

Brett Nevitt
  1. Last night was likely FSU’s best performance in the field this season. Yes, they still made an error an allowed an unearned run, but they also took away a couple of base runners. Nander De Sedas made up for his error with an insane leaping catch that erased a single, if not more, in the 10th inning. If the ball had gotten through, Mercer would’ve had the go-ahead run on base with one out.

Jackson Greene also stole a hit from Mercer with a Derek Jeter jump throw up the middle. As a whole, FSU posted a .976 fielding percentage, which is likely the mark they want to be around for the season. If FSU can play defense like this every night, this team will have a chance to be very good.

2. Despite scoring eight runs, FSU didn’t have one of their best games at the plate. Mercer handed them a couple runs and they also got two extra innings to work with. The Seminoles were just 3-17 with runners in scoring position and were 5-22 with runners on base. Sometimes it doesn’t matter when you can get that one big hit, which Elijah Cabell has provided for most of the year, but FSU needs to start finding some more RBI production throughout the lineup. We saw in Omaha last season that the home run is very hard to come by and you have to move runners over to get them in.

3. For the most part, FSU did a good job of putting the ball in play last night. Yes, they still had 12 K’s and five were looking, but four strikeouts came from Reese Albert and they played two extra innings. I mentioned in the preview yesterday that Mercer would make errors if FSU put the ball in play. Mercer made errors on 25% of ground balls put in play. Sometimes, you just have to make the opponent beat themselves, and that’s what Florida State did last night, rather than laying the bats down. When you put the ball in play, good things happen.

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