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Tomahawk Nation contributor Saiem Gilani among Sports Analytics Hackathon Finalists

Saiem Sports Analytics - the real SSA.


It’s time to flex real quick.

Tomahawk Nation recently introduced you to our analytics writer Saiem Gilani. Saiem has been a reader and contributor through our FanPosts section of the Tomahawk Nation website. One excellent, community-focused facet of SB Nation’s build is the FanPost section which gives a platform to the thoughts, work, and analysis of fans and helps bring attention to good work which may otherwise go unseen.

Saiem quickly proved with his analytical posts that he was a capable and exciting writer in the sports analytics sphere.

Tomahawk Nation is lucky to have him. This was proven this week, as Saiem and his team reached the finals of MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Hackathon.

As previously outlined, Tomahawk Nation is renewing its focus on analytics. With our genesis and ethos being defined by Bud Elliott’s original work on Florida State legend Drew Weatherford’s decreasing yards per attempt year over year, TN continues to employ and research better ways to understand the games of football, basketball, and other sports.

Having a Sloan Sports Analytics caliber data analyst underscores our commitment to bringing readers sophisticated yet digestible analytics to help understand Florida State Sports. Congratulations again to Saiem Gilani.