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More errors than hits is not a winning formula for FSU baseball

A look inside the box score. / Duke Athletics
  1. Florida State’s was consistently off balance against Bryce Jarvis and Thomas Girard. The Seminoles put the ball in play just 12 times, while striking out 17 times. FSU’s offense is going to struggle against aces, but they won’t make it any easier on themselves when they don’t put the ball in play. The ‘Noles swung and missed on 23.8% of Duke pitches, with 32 swing-and-misses. In close games, you have to put pressure on the opposing defense to make them beat you. FSJ was simply overmatched by Duke’s ace and closer. This lineup has to put the ball in play more, or they’ll simply be relying on walks and HR’s to win them games, which isn’t a winning formula in Omaha.

2. For the first time this season, Florida State hitters walked less than four times in a game. The Seminoles produced just two walks on the night and didn’t receive any HBP’s. Not only was FSU not walking, but they weren’t working counts on Jarvis early in the game. FSU had to try and get to the Duke bullpen earlier tonight, but couldn’t get Jarvis’ pitch count up as he pounded the zone early and often. Tonight was the first game of the season that FSU’s offense wasn’t handed a multitude of free passes. On top of the lack of walks, Florida State produced just one hit the entire night.

3. FSU has lost three one-run games this season. In each of the three games, the winning run has been unearned. In three of four games that FSU has lost, they have given up the same amount or less earned runs than the opponent. The pitching staff has done good enough for FSU to have just one or two losses this season, but the defense hasn’t backed them up. Some nights, you tip your cap to great pitching, but when you had an opportunity to steal one, it’s frustrating. It will be hard for FSU to win any close games if this trend continues. When you have more errors than hits, wins will be hard to come by.

3 up, 3 down: