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FSU baseball leaves a win on the base paths

A look inside the box score.

@FSUbaseball twitter/Haylee Blitch
  1. FSU gave themself every chance to win on Saturday, but simply couldn’t get the job done. Three separate ‘Noles had two-hit days as Florida State produced eight hits after just one in game one. The hits didn’t matter, because they didn’t come in clutch opportunities. Florida State left 15 men on base and scored just three runs. Multiple times FSU failed to get a man in from third with less than two outs and Florida State had no clutch two-out hits. On the flip side, Duke stranded just three men, leading to a one-run victory. FSU’s situational struggles have come down to one thing. Strikeouts. When you don’t put the ball in play in the high leverage situations, nothing good is going to happen. If the strikeouts continue in these situations, Mike Martin Jr. may have to give the bunt sign a whole lot more than people want.
  2. Outside of the horrid situational hitting and a shaky third inning on defense, I thought FSU played a good game. Florida State had more men in scoring position in game two because they pushed the envelope at a higher level. The Seminoles dropped down drag bunts and Junior put multiple hit-and-runs in motion. FSU also came away with three steals on the day as Reese Albert, Dylan Simmons, and Logan Lacey all swiped a bag. This is the type of aggression I’d expect to see out of Meat until the offense really puts it into gear. He’s not going to sit back and just wait for hits to drop in.
  3. Both Shane Drohan and Antonio Velez threw some of their best ball yesterday. Drohan and Velez combined to work eight innings on 131 pitches or 16.4 pitches per inning. If it weren’t for third inning defensive mishaps and sixth inning command issues, this likely would’ve been Drohan’s longest and best outing at FSU. Antonio Velez can do anything out of the Seminoles’ bullpen. Velez is probably the least unknown and most underrated bullpen arms in college baseball. He’s given up just one run in 14 innings, while striking out 16 and walking just one. Despite dropping the first two games, FSU will actually have the upper hand when it comes to arms today, as Velez spared the rest of the pen. Duke’s closer Thomas Girard will be unavailable. Velez will likely be the only FSU arm not available.