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Florida State Basketball Podcast: ACC Championship Edition

FSU basketball: ACC regular season champs

Florida State basketball is your ACC regular season champion. (APPLE // SPOTIFY) You’ll be surprised that for the 4th straight year the ACC media picked Duke to win the regular season (they haven’t won since 2010), and plucky FSU was a distant fifth. But the Seminoles finish a full game ahead and win the regular season outright. We talk a bit about the Boston College game, but mostly focus on the post game atmosphere and placing this season in its proper perspective. So excited to talk about cutting nets, we don’t even mention that 31 games into the season, Ham finally played a key player (M.J. Walker) with two fouls in the first half, and the world didn’t end.

We make our picks for 1st and second team All-ACC, as well as coach of the year (spoiler: it’s James Leonard Hamilton). It seems that there are four solid picks for 1st Team All-ACC, and then a group of three that could be the fifth. After those top seven players, it’s a pretty big drop off to the rest of the second team. We also dive into the slim history of FSU players on All-ACC teams.

We answer a couple of mailbag questions, and talk a lot about who belongs in the rafters. Where does Trent Forrest belong? If guys like Toney Douglas, Al Thornton and Terance Mann aren’t in the rafters, does Forrest even stand a chance?

We close with a bit about the ACC Tournament, as well as a look at how Championship Week(s) is progressing. All those small conference tourneys have a great effect on the strength of Florida State’s 1st round opponent in the big dance.