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Florida State basketball in the AP, Coaches Poll, KenPom, NET rankings

The ACC regular season champs are No. 4 in the country.

Brett nevitt

“This is too big, too important for us not to have a celebration but in the conference we are in, we don’t have the luxury of not coming back down off the mountain and getting started on refocusing. I think that we’ve developed those mindsets that we can enjoy for the moment but I really, truly believe that this team feels that we’ve got some more, good basketball ahead of us.”

-Leonard Hamilton, Florida State head coach, after winning ACC regular season title

Florida State has two tournaments left in front of it, with a chance to make history in each. The Seminoles, with a No. 1 seed and a double-bye, have the ideal path to the ACC Tournament championship game, and look to, at the very least, have a No. 2 seed locked up, likely in Tampa.

It’s been an amazing season, but as Hamilton said above, one that still has potential to be great. As the Seminoles prepare to kick off ACC Tournament play this week, they’ve gotten a few new rankings to go along with a regular season title.

FSU saw a rise to No. 4 in both the AP Poll and Coaches after beating Boston College and Notre Dame in the last week, while Seton Hall, Kentucky, Baylor and San Diego State all dropped a game.

In KenPom, Florida State moved up one spot to No. 15, while the NCAA’s NET rankings saw the Seminoles move up to No. 10.

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