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Getting to know Florida State commit Bryce McGowens

Fathers know best.

Coach McGowens (Twitter)

Bryce McGowens is a 6’6 165 pound shooting guard in the Class of 2021.

McGowens started his career at Wren High School in Piedmont, SC, although he just announced he’s transferring:

McGowens has a 98 rating (4*) in the 247 Sports Composite. He’s listed as the 51st best player nationally (11th best SG and best player in SC).

He was offered a chance to play for the Florida State Seminoles last September:

He committed to the ’Noles in early February:

TN recently had the chance to connect with Bryce’s father (Robert) in order to get a better look at his son’s recruitment, and the role he played:

How has Bryce’s recruitment differed from Trey’s (older brother who started at Pittsburgh, before announcing plans to transfer to Nebraska)?

“Bryce’s recruitment is a lot different because he received his first D1 offer as an 8th grader, [while] Trey didn’t receive his until 10th grade. Trey’s recruitment didn’t blow up with high-major offers until he went to Hargrave (Military Academy) for his senior season.”

What are some differences between FSU’s program pitch/vision and some of the other schools the family considered?

“I don’t think it was a particular pitch. The direction of the program is on an upward swing. The style of play suits him. [Other factors are] the way they develop big guards, the family atmosphere that we felt within the program, and the way they play together.”

What FSU coaches have you dealt with the most during the process?

“Coach Ham and Coach (Steve) Smith.”

What advice did you give your boys about being a college athlete?

(Robert played football in college, first at Clemson and then transferred to South Carolina State, where he played football and basketball)

“The competition will get better, so you have to remain hungry to get better.”

How has having Trey go through the ACC grind at Pitt helped inform Bryce what he needs to prepare for at FSU?

“It’s helped tremendously. The intensity it takes every day to compete at the highest level.”

How did the current Florida State assistants begin recruiting Bryce? Did they find him through Trey’s recruiting, or was it separate (I’m guessing Coach Smith might know the family from being just up the road)?

“They started recruiting Bryce last spring/summer and watched him during AAU season. Coach Smith recruited Bryce when he was an assistant at Clemson.

FSU never recruited Trey, so no connection [there].”

Do you and Bryce watch FSU games together?

“We do. FSU was one of Trey’s favorite schools growing up.”

How exciting was it seeing the ’Noles win the ACC regular season for the first time?

“It was very exciting the see them win the ACC championship. The coaches work extremely hard to establish a winning program with a winning culture.”

And how disappointing was it for there not to be a natural conclusion to the season?

“It was extremely disappointing because I felt like this was a Final Four type team.”