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One-on-one with Florida State commit Bryce McGowens

Another great one for Coach Ham.

Bryce McGowens (Instagram)

Earlier this week, we looked at Florida State basketball commit Bryce McGowens through the eyes of his father.

Today, we go one-on-one with the son, who stands 6’6 165 pounds.

The talented Class of 2021 guard started his career at Wren High School in Piedmont, SC, before recently announcing he’s transferring to Legacy Early College for his final season:

McGowens has a 98 rating (4*) in the 247 Sports Composite. He’s listed as the 51st best player nationally (11th best SG and best player in SC).

He was offered a chance to play for the Florida State Seminoles last September:

He committed to the ’Noles in early February:

TN recently caught up with Bryce to learn about his recruitment, his playing style, his goals during his time at FSU, his role in helping the coaching staff, and more:

How much do you look up to your brother, Trey, and what was it like watching his recruitment?

“I look up to my brother a lot. Watching all his success and accomplishments [showed] me how much work I have to put in to be able to play on the level he’s on. Watching his recruitment made me work harder, so I could get the attention he was getting.”

What’d Trey tell you about getting ready for the grind of ACC play after experiencing it at Pitt?

“You have to be able to plan your work with your academics and always take care of your body. He also told me you have to come ready to play every night.”

How much did you play against Trey growing up and when did you first beat him?

“I played against him a good bit—first time I beat him was last summer, I think.”

Your parents played college sports—what are they like and do they have any hard and fast rules/go-to sayings?

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

When did you first realize you could be a top-notch player/recruit?

“Growing up, I always knew I had the skill set [to] be a top player and recruit, but I think it was middle school when I realized I could make money playing the game I love.”

What was your recruitment like—when did it begin and when did everything really accelerate?

“[I received] my first offer 8th grade summer. It was a blessing getting looked at and receiving offers from top programs [throughout] the country. I’d say it [really] started to [pick] up last summer.”

Why’d you decide to end it when you did?

“After I took my official visit to FSU, I felt it was the place for me to grow and develop as a player and person, [while bringing] a National Championship home.”

How would you characterize the Florida State coaches?

“Coach Ham is one of the best coaches to ever coach the game. Me being a winner and always wanting to win, and Coach Ham being [a] top 3 winningest ACC coach means a lot. He’s a very humble man, and a man of God. He’s [shown] he can get players ready for the next level, and that’s my ultimate goal.

Coach Jones is a very smart man. He breaks down the game piece-by-piece. He’s also a great coach, and [I’m] looking forward [to] learning a lot from him.

Coach CY is the funniest coach I’ve ever met. He makes my family and [I] feel like [part of his] family when talking to him. On the basketball end, he was a great player. He’s great with skill-development, and he’ll help get my game to the next level.

Coach Smith and [I] have always had a great relationship, [dating] back [to his time] at Clemson. He always keeps it real with me and [is] always there to talk about whatever. He was a big part of my commitment. He knows his stuff on the basketball end.”

How would you describe your game?

“I have a smooth game, and I can score at all three levels. I bring energy and leadership to the table. I’m a good defender, but [I can still] get better. I also distribute and get my team involved.”

What players do you look up to/model your game after?

Bradley Beal and Devin Booker.”

Would you mind taking us through the playoff game this past season when you scored 67 points?

“We played Travelers Rest twice before—the first game I went for 42, [but] we lost in overtime on a buzzer-beater.

The second game was [poorly officiated], and [we] lost [after] I fouled out.

So [when] we played them in the playoffs, I was locked in. My dad and [I] were up at 6 am working out, and I had a free period during school, so I was in the gym getting shots up. I came out on fire, and we were [clicking] on all cylinders as a team. It kept going, and next thing [I know], I look up at the scoreboard, [and] I had 37 at halftime. It then carried over to the 3rd [quarter], and [I actually] only played one [minute in] the 4th. The game was sold out 30 min after doors opened. The atmosphere [was] great.

[I was] very blessed to be in the position—it couldn’t have happened without the man above!”

How much Florida State basketball did you watch this past season? And did you watch as a fan, or were you trying to figure out the system and how you’ll fit in?

“I watched [almost] every game. I was watching as a fan, while [also] watching how they play and [their offensive] sets. [I] also [studied their] defensive schemes.”

What was your reaction to them winning the ACC?

“It was well deserved!”

How about the disappointment from missing out on the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament?

“I definitely wanted to see the NCAAT because I felt it was the year to get it done, but I’m looking forward to competing for one when I get there.”

What goals have you set for your time at FSU?

“[I want to] learn more about the game, build relationships, be a better man, and get a great education.”

Are you actively recruiting any other kids to FSU?

“Big Mous (Moussa Cisse), Jabari Smith, and Matthew Cleveland.”

How often do you speak with them?

“[I] talk to Matthew every week, and Jabari and Mous every couple weeks.”

Finally, I have to ask about the G-League after Jalen Green recently announced he was skipping college basketball to turn pro: are there any temptations on that front, or are you 100% attending Florida State?

“At this point, I wouldn’t know—I’m still young and have a lot to learn about the game, but I’m 100% committed right now.”