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Florida State basketball FanPulse: ‘Noles in Final Four

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Let’s win this imaginary championship!

Brett nevitt

Florida State already has a stake to one imaginary championship, why not make it two?

The fine folks at SB Nation’s FanPulse have been running a substitute March Madness because, if you didn’t need reminding for the millionth time, there wasn’t an NCAA Tournament this year.

It’s been a successful run for the ACC champion Seminoles so far, who likely could’ve replicated the same fake tournament success they’re having now in the real one.

For those of you who haven’t been voting for following along, here’s a quick recap:

The Seminoles have already advanced to the Final Four, and are currently neck-and-neck with Michigan State to advance to the national championship. On the way to semifinals, FSU took out Little Rock, West Virginia, Villanova and Baylor.

Now, it’s time to beat those East Lansing nerds like it’s 1988.

If you haven’t signed up to vote, or you haven’t voted yet, you can do so at the following link.