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FSU alumnus Brooks Koepka, absolute savage

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You get me, Susan.

The PLAYERS Championship - Round One Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Brooks Koepka is a four time major winner, having won the US Open and PGA Championship twice each. The FSU alumnus’ run in the most recent majors is on par with the greatest runs of golf’s all time greats, including Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. As Koepka’s success and profile has grown, golf fans and twitter users have come to know his personality better.

Koepka is an absolute savage.

Koepka’s disdain for golf commentator Brandel Chamblee is well known, and Brooks fashioned a dartboard with Chamblee’s face on it:

Not satisfied with literally hitting Chamblee in the face (with a dart), Brooks took to twitter to continue the savagery:

The best part about that? Twitter user @beatoni12 says, “Man, he’s childish. A pro athlete should be able to take criticism like an adult.”

Brooks’ response: “Not childish just petty”.

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the Masters until november, but former Nole Brooks Koepka is still the master of twitter.

Oh, and Koepka knows he’s savage: