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Florida State football, recruiting news: What would an ACC-only schedule look like?

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College Football will have some major changes this fall if it happens at all.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports


The Big Ten has already announced that they will have a conference only college football schedule this fall and it looks like the ACC could be soon to follow but they’re not rushing:

In terms of a national guideline it looks like the NCAA is punting on the decision:

It’s starting to feel like a broken record but once again FSU is replacing an elite running back with fresh faces; how will Khalan Laborn, Ja’Shaun Corbin, and some talented fresh faces replace the ever valuable Cam Akers?

I’m definitely rolling with 2013; the most statistically dominant team of the modern era. What’s your preference and why?


2022 OT Daughtry Richardson has been offered by Florida State.

Is Tywin Malone the next great two-sport athlete? The talented DT is capable both on the gridiron and the diamond.

2022 four-star running Gavin Sawchuk has been offered by FSU.

Other Sports:

Mike Martin is enjoying retirement.

Congratulations to 25 exceptional student athletes:


He invented the Lambeau leap and it’s ridiculous that he’s not in the Hall of Fame at this point: