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Florida State basketball signs Tanor Ngom

Another big man for the ’Noles.

The Florida State Seminoles added another player for the upcoming season in 7’2 Tanor Ngom out of Ryerson University in Canada:

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The marathon continues ✊

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Matt Minnick:

He obviously needs to add some weight in his lower half, or he’ll get pushed around pretty easily. However, I saw two or three plays that really impressed me.

The play where he puts it up in traffic off the backboard, and then immediately is off the floor to get his own miss and puts it in. That’s good for a 7’2 guy.

Also the play where he flies in from the top of the key to slam home a missed shot. That’s instincts, timing, athleticism, and aggressiveness. Very impressive. I also like how he seems to catch the ball naturally.

His feet are decent laterally for a guy his size, but not phenomenal. And he needs to keep blocked shots in bounds, or funnel them to a teammate. But this young man is way more advanced than a guy like Michael Ojo coming in. He reminds me more of freshman year Solomon Alabi. Or like a sophomore year Christ Koumadje. However, he’s still raw.

On a related note—there are probably only 10 guys 7’1+ in college basketball each year, but Coach Ham somehow has 3-4 in Tallahassee at all times. It’s like he has a 7 footer signal or something.