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Whiteboard Wednesday: What’s wrong with the FSU offensive line? Part 2

Want to have some fun?

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Football season for Florida State Seminoles fans begins with optimism - “maybe this year’s offensive line will be the one that takes that giant leap forward into mediocrity” - only to succumb to the same ills that previous iterations of garnet and gold have fallen to. This has, unfortunately, become a way of life for FSU fans. Injuries and constant turnover in the coaching department have not helped, but that doesn’t account for the entire picture.

A few weeks ago I decided to begin looking at the problem in a way that few before me have tried to do. With my eyes. In part one of this three part series I showed how just under a third of the sacks and pressures given up were due to miscommunications along the line. These can be easily fixed with time and experience. This week is a little less optimistic.

The biggest fraction of mistakes I collected were physical ones. Sloppy footwork and poor form are much harder issues to correct than the mental errors. Lets take a look at the film to get an idea of the full scope of the problem.

A lot of these missteps come down to poor habits developed over time. While it may be harder for some older players to correct these issues, there were young bright spots on the line last year. With good coaching and consistency they may have already paved the path to mediocrity.