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Best men’s basketball player in Florida State history: The Final Four

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And then there were four.

Sam Cassell

It’s been a full month since we last bickered, debated, and voted on the Elite Eight of the best men’s basketball player in Florida State history. (I could lie and say I wanted to make sure all votes were counted, but truthfully it’s just been a heck of a few weeks.)

Now, three months after FSU had a very real chance of playing in the real Final Four for the second time in school history, four legends are battling it out in our bracket’s Final Four to be crowned the best Seminoles’ hoopster ever.

The names shouldn’t surprise anyone: Dave Cowens, Sam Cassell, Bob Sura, and Toney Douglas.

Three of these guys already have a jersey hanging from the rafters in Tuck and if Douglas doesn’t join them up there soon then—in the words of Ricky Ricardo—someone will have some splainin’ to do.

Sura, Douglas, and Cowens all entered this bracket as one seeds, indicative of our panel’s respect for their phenomenal careers. (In case you forgot or never saw how this whole thing got put together, check out the very helpful primer here). All three proved their worth by comfortably defeated two seeds in the Elite Eight.

Like his Final Four mates, Cassell also dominated over a two seed in the Elite Eight, besting the great Ron King by a 60-40 margin. But unlike the others, Cassell’s victory registered as a bit of an upset as the flashy point guard entered the bracket as a four seed. Can Cinderella Cassell hang around the ball a little longer? That’s up to you.

Here’s what the full bracket looks like:

The Road to FSU’s All-Time Final Four

And now to the voting!

Semi-Final Number 1

No. 1 Dave Cowens vs No. 4 Sam Cassell

Dave Cowens Fun Fact - In the 1968 season, Cowens recorded two 30/20 games, and also two 20/30 games (yes, that would be a game with 20+ points and 30+ rebounds).

Sam Cassell Fun Fact - The number 1 ranked JUCO recruit in the country, he averaged nearly identical points per game in his two seasons, 18.4 in 1992 and 18.3 in 1993.


No. 1 Dave Cowens vs No. 4 Sam Cassell

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  • 73%
    No. 1 Dave Cowens
    (515 votes)
  • 26%
    No. 4 Sam Cassell
    (190 votes)
705 votes total Vote Now

Semi-Final Number 2

No. 1 Bob Sura vs No. 1 Toney Douglas

Bob Sura Fun Fact - When Sura left Tallahassee, he was the only player in school history to record at least 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 400 assists, and 200 steals. (Trent Forrest joined him in the exclusive club during the 2020 season).

Toney Douglas Fun Fact - While Douglas is “just” 5th in school history with 1,655 points scored, many forget that he starred as a freshman for the Auburn Tigers. Adding in his 525 points scored for the Tigers, Douglas scored a total of 2,180 in his college career—which would surpass Sura’s 2,130 and be the most ever scored by a Seminole.


No. 1 Bob Sura vs No. 1 Toney Douglas

This poll is closed

  • 71%
    No. 1 Bob Sura
    (508 votes)
  • 28%
    No. 1 Toney Douglas
    (204 votes)
712 votes total Vote Now