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Florida State football, recruiting news: Young defensive backs turn up the heat in practice

FSU is hoping to put the focus back on football this weekend


It was a wild day yesterday where Warren Thompson made a public claim about FSU’s coronavirus protocols which prompted responses from Mike Norvell, Marvin Wilson, Asante Samuel Jr., and many others following DJ Matthews’ positive test result.

Coach AB has been terrific so far evaluating the short clips we get from practice so far and it and it looks like the young/newcomers at DB are starting to put on a show.

FSU might be searching for a new non-conference opponent after the Southern Conference canceled football this fall; emphasis on the might.

Here’s a running list of players that have opted out of the 2020 season.

Practice updates and interviews with Jaiden Lars-Woodbey and Joshua Kaindoh from the August 13th edition of The Notebook.

I’m not too fond of a partial member’s president being one of the two leading voices in the search for the next ACC commissioner.


FSU’s edit game is letting the recruits promote themselves a little bit:

FSU made Chase Hattley’s top eight:


Those uniforms were clean:

Saturday is Charlie Ward on the ACC Network:

NBA Noles will be participating in the NBA Bubble Playoffs: