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Florida State football, recruiting news: ACC coaches fear Mike Norvell...anonymously

Beware of the sleeping giant.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds Collegiate Athletics Roundtable at Florida State University Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


Every year AthlonSports runs a piece where coaches get to be messy and speak about their publicly while remaining anonymous. Two things seem clear from the 2020 edition; ACC coaches didn’t respect Willie Target and have a little bit of fear regarding Mike Norvell taking over FSU.

“Everyone is a little bit nervous about Mike Norvell coming into the league. This won’t be an overnight fix, but it is a big-name Florida school, and they can get talent in there faster than most places.”

Arguably the best human in the history of sport was on campus last night; Warrick Dunn addressed the team:

Four Seminoles headlines by Marvin Wilson are on the Senior Bowl’s top 250 list:

Arizona State fans welcome to your new favorite team for 2020 the Florida State Seminoles; they’re lead by a familiar face.

Check out these highlights from yesterday’s practice; the rep between Tamorrion Terry and Jarvis Brownlee is what you call good on good.

This does not seem like the best of ideas.

FSU has found a replacement for Samford on the schedule; it’s a familiar foe.

Every off-season you hear how the team is closer than ever; this time it might actually be true.


TE Koby Gross enjoyed his Thursday visit to FSU.

FSU 2022 CB commitment Travis Hunter ranks 18th nationally in Rivals’ initial 2022 rankings.


Mossing DBs is just what Auden Tate does:

Congratulations Johnny: