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Florida State fall camp notebook: August 21

We’re almost at the three week warning.

Update, 12:20 PM

Mike Norvell spoke to the media today after what he said ‘might’ve been our best practice’ so far this fall. Norvell said both the defense and offense had nice days today, after the defense dominated earlier in the week.

Norvell also confirmed that FSU will hold their second scrimmage tomorrow, more based on clock instead of situations. He said, “Usually the second scrimmage we try to involve the clock a little more. Just putting the ball where it lies for two and a half to three quarters. This scrimmage will be based more off of time.”

He spoke on Warrick Dunn’s message to the team last night and what it means to impact his players off the field. On Dunn’s message, he said, “It was an incredible message. So honored to have him here last night and I think the guys responded well to it. His generosity, his service to impact others in a community, it could not have been a better message for our players.”

On what it means to impact players off the field, he said, “If we can make a difference to help these young men be successful... that is essential and I believe that is my responsibility as their coach.”

Update, 12:30 PM

We heard from a couple of fresh faces today as tight end Carter Boatwright and defensive end Derrick McLendon spoke with the media. Both players spoke on Dunn’s message last night. Boatwright said, Last night Warrick Dunn came, it was unbelievable. Hearing him talk and how much he’s done for this program, it’s just been really good for me to hear.”

McLendon said, “Warrick Dunn has always been one of my top guys, coming from Atlanta. Knowing what drove him as a player, really intrigued me.”

Boatwright also spoke on the importance of him early enrolling in the spring, despite the suspension of practices. He said, “It was definitely good for me to be out theere the first few practices. It definitely helped me prepare for fall camp and know how practice is going to run.”

He also spoke about the in’s and out’s of the 3-back position in Norvell’s offense. “This position has really made me think outside of the box. It’s very complicated, but at the same time it’s very good for us. The more we have to think about it, the more we can do.”

McLendon saw some time on the field last year as a freshman and it drove him to just show what more he can do. He said, “It just motivated me, knowing that I could get on the field and contribute. It was a little bit like a shark tasting blood. Now I know I can show that.”

He also talked a bit on defensive ends coach John Papuchis. He said Papuchis has done a good job of teaching them how to play the defensive end position, starting with the little things. “He’s brought a lot to our position. He’s taught us a lot, making fundamentals the focal point. Teaching us how to play the position.”

On Thursday, following a night of brotherhood bonding at a team retreat, Florida State Seminoles football took the field for what head coach Mike Norvell says was “probably our most physical practice that we’ve had.”

We got a glimpse at some of that competitive action in camp from the practice video that’s been released periodically to the media courtesy of Florida State Sports Information — with the biggest example coming in the form of a DJ Lundy hit.

We also heard from a duo of veterans in defensive end Janarius Robinson and offensive lineman Brady Scott, who both talked about their transition into new roles (for Scott, right guard and for Robinson, the FOX, though the overall scheme is something he’s much more comfortable in.)

“I’m very excited to be back into a 4-3 set,” Robinson said of the scheme. “I’m just happy to be back into something that I’m really comfortable doing.”

“The physicality is great,” Scott said of the new staff. “Every thing is technical. That’s really what we’ve learned from Coach Atkins.”

Follow along in the comments for updates throughout the day, as well as on our Twitter and Instagram. We expect to hear from Norvell and the players starting at 11:30 a.m. and after we wrap up, we’ll update this piece fully with a recap of the day.