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Video analysis: How does Devin Vassell project as an NBA player?

The three-star turned potential lottery pick

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Vassell is one of the biggest testaments to Leonard Hamilton’s ability as a recruiter and developer of talent for Florida State Seminoles basketball. Vassell was a 3-star out of high school a mere two years ago and has grown into one of the best NBA draft prospects in the country.

A contributing factor to this development has been his physical growth. Vassell has grown a solid three inches since stepping foot in Tallahasee but he also developed as a player and a leader. Oftentimes he was the kick that got the offense moving. His feel for the game and selflessness on offense and defense cannot be overstated and as a sophomore he was a vocal leader on the team.

For someone who spent a relatively short time in Tallahassee, Vassell made a large impact and indelibly left his mark on the program. Someone like Devin Vassell can never truly be replaced, and the loss of Vassell to the NBA will leave a large void to fill moving forward. However there is some hope. No one in the country is better than Leonard Hamilton at finding someone willing to step up and fill a big pair of shoes.

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