Win Shares at the Bye Week

Hello everyone and welcome to the most stress free weekend of the season. We can all sit back, relax, and reflect on how we BLEW AN EASY PASS TO DEFEND TO GIVE UP A TOUCHDOWN AT THE BUZZER TO LOSE TO A FREAKIN FCS TEAM... but I'm not mad about it.

So here we sit after 6 games. 2-4. Could be 1-5... or could be 4-2, but we fell asleep against an FCS team and it took us a few weeks to get over that loss. We squeaked one out vs Cuse, and we looked like we were back to normal against UNC. Overall, it's been a rollercoaster start to the official Norvell Era (I still don't count last year). We've gone from patting ourselves on the back for not getting embarrassed by ND, to writing articles about why we shouldn't fire Norvell any time soon, to feeling like we've turned a corner after soundly defeating UNC.

We did season predictions as a group, and there was an overall consensus: Many people were expecting anywhere between 5 and 7 wins. No one predicted the loss to JSU. Rightfully so. That loss has really thrown our predictions off. But the good news? We can still salvage a 5 win season. If "salvage" is what you want to call it lol.

Travis is our guy moving forwrad. Many thought (me included) Milton taking over the QB spot could mean a boost to the offense in the passing game. Turns out if you can't block on a standard drop back pass, and WRs couldn't get open against stationary practice dummies, it doesn't matter who's throwing the ball. Unless he can run. And JT can freakin run y'all.

Let's take a look at the remaining games with the thought that we now have our QB, our OL is back to functionality, and our defense has taken a turn for the better.

UMass - 0.95

After JSU, I refuse to go a full point given for a win. UMass is terrible and arguably worse than JSU. I think we can chalk this up as a win.

@Clemson - 0.20

To start the year, this was a 5% chance type of game. But Clemson, who vastly out-talents us, still has deficiencies that we could take advantage of. But I'm not expecting a win. Hopefully we make a game out of it though.

NC STATE - 0.25

Another team that's all over the map in the ACC. Looked bad against MSST. Beat Clemson. Lackluster against LaTech. They have 3 pretty big games before they play us... but their strengths go directly against our weaknesses. Similar to Clemson, I think we make it a game, but don't have enough to beat them.

Miami - 0.55

Here's where I'm going to go out on a bit of a limb. We're at home. Miami no longer has King. They have a 4 game stretch before playing us where they could go 1-3 (@UNC, NCST, @PITT, GTech). There is a chance we face a Miami team that has lost interest. Still a rivalry game, and still a mismatch at certain positions, but if we continue to trend up while they trend down? We could be in for a nice win over them.

@Boston College - 0.60

Not sure what to think of this BC team. The only good team they've played is Clemson, who they narrowly lost to. But they also narrowly beat Missouri who is, quite frankly, god awful. Their next 5 games are all ACC. We will learn more about them by mid November, but until then, I'm keeping us as slight favorites.

@Florida - 0.15

Florida will once again be a 9/10 win team. They have a solid roster and solid coaching. They will be coming off of 3 easy games coming into ours, so I expect them to be revved and ready to go. Only chance we have is if our defense can limit the UF offense the way Kentucky's did. But we'd need some solid LB play for that so... unlikely.


So I have us winning 2 or 3 more games, with 2 wins much more likely than 4. So I'm predicting a 4-8 or 5-7 season. With an outside shot of 6-6.

What are your predictions?

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