Question: DC change a guarantee in 2022 and/or who is the new guy?

Ok, History lesson, listen up

Awww, c'mon, this will tell you your most likely and probable DC in the future, though...

Alright, now, I'm Robb and as you can see...

Of course; my bad.

Here are all of the assistants from Memphis under Norvell:

Chip Long OC 2016 (was OC and RC at AZ ST) Went to ND 2016, in 2020 off-field assistant at Tenn, currently at Tulane 1-4 (ouch)

Darrell Dickey AHC 2015-16 RB/OC-2017 TAMU since 2018 OC/QB under former QB/OC HC Jimbo Fisher

Dan Lanning ILB/RC-2016-17 went to UGA as OLB, promoted to DC/OLB after Mel Tucker left in 2019. Considered for Kansas HC vacancy, but was not chosen.

David Johnson WR/PGC 2016-17 went to Tennessee WR 2018 RB 2019 FSU RB COACH/RECRUITING COORDINATOR


Chris Ball DC-2016-18 (was also DC/DB at AZ ST) HC at Northern Arizona since 2019

Kenny Dillingham GA/QB/TE/OC 2016-2017 (was also underclassman assistant at AZ ST) FSU OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR/QB COACH

Will Hall AHC/TE 2018

Desmond Lindsey WR 2018

Joe Lorig ST/OLB 2016-18 originally picked to lateral both positions to Texas Tech, but went to Penn State laterally in 2019 and still there in both roles.

Paul Randolph DL 2016-18 went to Texas Tech in 2019.

Scott Symons ILB (2018 after Lanning left, served as DC and safeties coach at West Georgia (2014-17) prior) in 2019 went to Liberty to become the DC/S coach. 2020 adjusted to DC/OLB


Kevin Johns OC/QB 2019

Keith Patterson LB 2018 prev DC at AZ ST, WVa, PITT, ARKY ST, and Tulsa since 2006 - Patterson then became the co-DC at Utah State instead in 2018, then 2019 until now has been DC at Texas Tech.

TJ Rushing DB 2018-19 (GA ASU, 2013; Def Quality Control Coach, 2014) replaced Marcus Woodson 2019; hired for FSU, but went to TAMU instead, FSU hires Marcus Woodson back from Auburn.

Anthony Jones Jr RB 2019

Ryan Silverfield DHC, co-OC, OL 2016-19

Tony Tokarz TE 2019 previously a Memphis GA under Dillingham FSU Senior Analyst (Offense)

John Simon WR/PGC/RC

Pete Lembo AHC/STC

Kevin Clune LB 2019 prev SR Def Asst at Memphis 2018, DC at Hawaii 2014, Utah State 2015, and Oregon State 2016-17, LB at Utah State 2009-2013. Current LB coach at BYU.

Tim Edwards DL 2019 replaced Deke Adams who was hired in Jan 2019 but went to Miss St. Edwards. Previous Asst at Buffalo, first 3 as DL. Used to coach at FAMU, ULL, and Hampton. Norvell possibly knows him as associated with Delta State HC and former coach Todd Cooley

Josh Storms S&C

People started speculating that Hunter was gone because he went to UGA and talked with the coaches, right? We all know that TH is polite and would honor Kirby's offer to meet with the coaches and at least listen to their pitch. That pitch would be from Dan Lanning, Norvell's former ILB coach under Chris Ball. Perhaps we need to know how much of a "recruiter" Travis Hunter is...with Woodson, YAC, and Dilly back under Norvell, you almost have to assume he will re-hire other younger assistants in newer roles...

So let's focus on these defensive guys as possible DC prospects:

Dan Lanning - Currently $1.25M with Muschamp there as On-Field Analyst.

Marcus Woodson - Promotion to DC? I would say not at this time.

Chris Ball - currently 8-12 as HC, he might be looking for his job back with Norvell

Joe Lorig - currently still a ST/OLB coach with a 5-0 record, but no ST shine like at Memphis...

Paul Randolph - still Texas Tech DL coach.

Scott Symons - made the 2020 Broyles Award Watch list at Liberty! This is my choice!

Adam Fuller - Should Norvell's shortest-lengthed DC get one more year with the JSU last play?

Keith Patterson "Coach Patterson and I have worked together for the majority of my coaching career and his passion and energy will be contagious throughout the program. Keith brings tremendous experience and knowledge to our staff, not only from a schematic perspective but also as a recruiter. He has great relationships throughout the region, especially in his home state of Oklahoma where he played and coached at every level" - Norvell

TJ Rushing - one of Norvell's GradAsst children from ASU, but I think he's not ready to take over as DC and surely not before Woodson

Kevin Clune - has the resume to be DC, but would he leave BYU

Tim Edwards - not sure about DC but after Odell retires in a few years, DL could be interesting...

There's also Randy Shannon in the green room at FSU Senior Analyst (Defensive).

Question: what about Odell as DC? This goes to all those who wanted him as HC...can he do it, should he do it?

In summary: my choices

Scott Symons - Dan Lanning - Randy Shannon (co-DC with Fuller) - Chris Ball - Keith Patterson/Kevin Clune

Let's see if he plucks from his tree again (Fuller is Norvell's last Memphis fruit); I would be surprised if it wasn't one of these Norvell tree branches...

What do we do until then?

Of course...and...?

Go Noles!!!

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