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Florida State football recruiting news: What will it take to beat Miami?

Jordan Travis and the running game are obvious answers but what else needs to happen?

Miami v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


FSU won seven straight before Miami’s current win streak of four-straight vs. FSU; what’s it going to take to stop them from getting to five?

Yesterday was Veteran’s day; here’s what FSU did to honor service members.

Kappacane joined Jon to break down Miami’s high-octane offense and very leaky defense.

In arguably the most important game of the season it seems like FSU might get its man in the middle back:

It’s show me week in the Big 12 for a conference that still isn’t getting any love from the College Football Playoff committee. #BringBackTheBCS


This might be the biggest recruiting weekend of the year; the reason for that is because of how star-studded this weekend’s visitor list is.

Other Sports:

This team is going to be a lot of fun:

Women’s Hoops takes on Milwaukee this Sunday at 2:00PM:

The road to the College Cup starts tonight in Tallahassee:


Add one more bullet point to Buster Posey’s resume: