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Surprise Surprise Surprise

Gomer Pyle said, "Surprise, surprise, surprise..." What is not a surprise is our recruiting skills at FSU...

I think, my opinion solely, that Coach Mike and his team of recruiting warriors surprises a lot of FSU fans at ESD and NSD. And in the most awesome best way ever...

Walk this way with me...

As far as I know, for this year's exemption, the team gets 25 slots with 7 Transfers for 7 Transfers after fall semester. It's not as clear as 32.

Chubba Purdy doesn't count as an out transfer, for example, but after the season if a (Lord forbid) Travis Jay or a Brendan Gant leaves, Bless Harris would count back to the 7.

Also as difficult is trying to determine the recruiting board. For example, Kamari Wilson is the No.1 composite Safety and even after a FSU win in Doak, several fingers point north to UGA. However, UGA currently has 5 star ATH Malaki Starks (GA) (who projects as S at UGA), S JaCorey Thomas (FL) (who Nole recruitniks will remember was forecast to FSU at the beginning of 2021), 4 star CB Julian Humphrey (TX), 4 star CB Marquis Groves-Killebrew (GA), and in the lead for 5 star CB Jaheim Singletary (who I don't think I need to introduce as the #3 player in FL). Kirby may be smart, but he has to follow the same rule of 25, and 7to7. In the CB/S position, UGA may have too many and could enable Mike and Marcus to capitalize.

Current commitments:

(listed here for those of you that don't want to look away from the article)


QB: 4 star AJ Duffy (CA/FL) No.8 QB

RB/ATH: 3 star Rodney Hill (GA) No.26 ATH

WR/RET: 3 star Devaughn Mortimer (FL) No.61 WR

ATH/TE: 3 star Brian Courtney (VA) No.66 ATH

TE: 3 star Jerrale Powers (TX) No.74 TE

OT: 3 star Daughtry Richardson (FL) No.40 OT

OG/OT: 4 star Jaylen Early (TX) No.14 IOL

OG/OT: 4 star Qae’shon Sapp (GA) No.13 OT

OG: 3 star Kanaya Charlton (GA) No.68 IOL

OL/DL: 4 star Antavious "Tae" Woody (AL) No.15 IOL

DL/DT: 3 star Bishop Thomas (FL) No.72 DL

DT: 3 star Daniel Lyons (FL) No.67 DL

DE: 3 star Aaron Hester (FL) No.27 DE

LB: 3 star Omar Graham Jr. (FL) No.56 LB

CB/WR: 5 star Travis Hunter (GA) No.1 CB/WR/ATH

S/ATH: 5 star Sam McCall (FL) No.2 S


OT: Transfer Bless Harris (Lamar University) (Portal) No.3 OL

DECOMMITTED: OL 3 - 4 - 3 star Aliou Bah (FL) No.32 OT, 4 star DE Trevion Williams (MS) No.35 DL


ATH/QB: 3 star Thomas Castellanos (GA) No.35 ATH (committed to UCF)

RB: 4 star Jovantae Barnes (NV) No.10 RB

RB: 4 star Kaytron Allen (VA/FL) No.11 RB

ATH/RB: 4 star Kendrick Law (LA) No.3 ATH

WR: 5 star Kevin Coleman (MO) No.3 WR

WR: 4 star Antonio Williams (SC) No.22 WR

WR: 3 star Leroy Paige (LA) No.65 WR

WR: 3 star Tajh Sanders (FL) No.69 WR

WR: 3 star Camden Brown (FL) No.84 WR (committed to Pitt)

OT: 5 star Kiyaunta Goodwin (IN) No.5 OT (committed to Kentucky)

OT: 4 star Julian Armella (FL) No.5 IOL

OT: 4 star Elijah Pritchett (GA) No. 9 OT (committed to Alabama)

DL/DT: 4 star Tyre West (GA) No.14 DL (committed to UGA)

DL/DT: 4 star Nyjalik Kelly (FL) No.13 DL

DE: 4 star Marvin Jones Jr (FL) No.3 DE

DE: 4 star Dante Anderson (FL) No.17 DE

LB: 4 star Shemar James (AL) No.8 LB

LB: 4 star Jaron Willis (GA) No.18 LB (committed to GT as a LB/S)

LB: 4 star DeMario Tolan (FL) No.20 LB (committed to LSU)

LB: 4 star Daniel Martin (GA) No.23 LB

LB: 4 star Wesley Bissainthe (FL) No.21 LB

LB: 3 star Devin Smith (FL) No.72 LB

CB: 4 star Earl Little Jr. (FL) No.13 CB

CB: 4 star Latarrance Welch (LA) No.16 CB (committed to LSU)

S: 5 star Kamari Wilson (FL) - No.1 S

TRANSFER CANDIDATES (TOP POSITION RANKINGS): This isn't a list of wants, more of what's there

QB: No. 1-7 : 3 star Myles Brennan (LSU) , 3 star Jacob Zeno (BAY), 3 star Harrison Bailey (TENN), 3 star Chubba Purdy (FSU), 3 star Tommy DeVito (SYR), 3 star Charlie Brewer (UTAH), and 3 star Joey Gatewood (KY~recently to UCF)

RB/S: 3 star Jalen Berger (WIS) No.1 RB

OL: 4 star Kingsley Suamataia (UT/OREGON/BYU) No.1 OT

OL: 4 star Kayden Lyles (WI/WIS) No. 1 IOL

DL: 3 star Myron Green (MS/KS/ItawambaCC MS) No.2 JUCO DL / NO. 6 JUCO

LB: 3 star Antonio Doyle (MO/TAMU) No.1 LB

LB: 3 star Geoff Cantin-Arku (QuebecCity/CUSE) No.2 LB

LB: 3 star Terrance Cooks (TX/TEXAS) No.3 LB

CB: 4 star Marcus Banks (TX/BAMA) No.1 CB

CB: 3 star DeCarlos Nicholson (MS/MGCCC, MS) No.1 JUCO CB / No.9 JUCO (committed to Kentucky)

Hot Take Alert: Commits Robb Wants FSU to Flip

TE: 4 star Jake Johnson (GA) No.1 TE (committed to LSU, and yes that's Brad's son)

OT: 5 star Will Campbell (LA) No.4 OT (committed to LSU)

DL: 5 star Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy (FL) No.4 DL (committed to Oklahoma)

CB: 4 star Daylen Everette (VA/FL) No.7 CB (committed to CLEM)

CB: 3 star Jarell Stinson (AL) No.46 CB (committed to OLEMISS)

Now back to that equation from the beginning...there's plenty of room for the board to explode with commitments and also for a few surprises...

I'm waiting on the fireworks with my popcorn at the ready...

Stay tuned with your recruiting team NT&T (David), Josh, and Tim for updates.


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