Florida State Seminoles Football Transfer Portal Talk - 2022

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It's back!!

Here is the first edition of Transfer Portal Talk for the 2022 recruiting class! FSU has 16 HS commitments, and 1 portal commitment, for a total of 17 recruits for this class.

Very early in this process so more names are bound to pop up, especially since the season has ended.

FSU has landed 1 transfer portal payer; OT Bless Harris from Lamar.

Here are some portal transfer players to keep an eye on:


The hotly contested subject... should FSU take a transfer QB to replace/push Jordan Travis?

  • QB Myles Brennan - LSU - I am not sure how much eligibility he has left, but he could be an upgrade over JT and provide the 1-year bridge to AJ Duffy.
  • QB Harrison Bailey - Tennessee - Tons of eligibility left for the class of 2020 prospect. Originally from Marietta, so this will be interesting to see if Norvell and Co reach out.


Don't see the staff taking one unless someone really talented hits the portal or if we experience more than expected attrition at the position.


The team needs an influx of talent at the WR position, and with WR Destyn Hill coming in January the staff may be a little pickier about who they take here, but we know the staff has reached out to WR Mycah Pittman from Duck Land.

  • WR Mycah Pittman - Career Stats: 38 Rec, 547 Yards, 2 TDs. WR Pittman also has return potential which is great for the Noles since we lack playmakers, especially on ST.
  • WR Taj Harris - Currently committed to Kentucky. The prospect from SU, had a great career for the Orange. I am not sure if the Noles have contacted him, but you would hope they would since he would be an instant upgrade to the position.
  • WR Josh Moore - Texas. Former top 100 recruit. Career Stats: 61 Rec, 790 Yards, 13 TDs. I think he has one year of eligibility, but with the influx of young talent to the WR room that is fine as long as he can provide them a bridge year, and be a role model in the WR room.
  • TE

    Do we really need another TE? WE have like 15 on the roster?


    This might be weird to say, but FSU has a competent P5 OL for the first time in what feels like forever, but the depth is still lacking. Coach Norvell and Atkins will be looking to add depth, and get guys who can push the current starters. The addition of Bless Harris (and maybe others) also allows Coach Atkins to play with the possibility of sliding either Washington or Scott to the inside. Also keep an eye out if a quality Center hits the portal. Our guy Maurice Smith doesn't have enough "sand in his pants" to play at this level.

  • OT Bless Harris - Lamar University - Committed to FSU. OT Harris is a player who should push for a starting spot at either tackle position. He is reported to have a 6'9" wingspan, and that bodes well for blocking on the perimeter.
  • OT Tylan Grable - Jacksonville State - JP said to keep an eye on this guy so we will. I couldn't find much on him on the interwebs, maybe someone else will have better luck.
  • OL Kayden Lyles - Wisconsin - He came to FSU on a visit so he has to be included here. Big ol' potato eater from the Mid West, at a minimum he is a nice depth piece.


    FSU hit a Grand Slam with the Transfer Portal on the DL last year, hopefully they can keep it up!

    • DE Morven Joseph - Tennessee. The NT&T prophecy has come true. Can the Noles land the talented pass rusher from Lakeland?
    • DT Marcus Bradley - Vandy. This staff recruited him, but he went to Vandy. This is what everyone means when they say coming in 2nd in recruiting now means something. Keep an eye out for this kid.
    • DT Lloyd Murray - Colorado. If this name rings a bell you have followed DT recruiting before! Murray fits the definition of an Odell Special. I doubt FSU reaches out, but because he was recruited before I am mentioning him here.
    • DT Rashad Cheney - Minnesota. He must have gotten tired of rowing that damn boat. The Georgia native hits the transfer portal.
    • DE Xavier Young - Washington State. From Godby HS. If the staff reaches out, he would be a candidate for a PWO spot.
    • DL Miles Dickens - Georgia State. No ties or any relevant info for this kid. But I would like him to be an impact player because of his name. "He sacked the Dickens out of him". And "Big ol' Dickens with the thunder".


    Need an impact guy here who can cover.

    • LB K'Vaughan Pope - Ohio State. Talented kid from a loaded LB room in Ohio, but a bit of a headcase and got into a spat with the staff at OSU. Because he is so talented I am mentioning him here, but I don't think the staff will reach out.
    • LB Geoff Cantin-Arku - Syracuse. He is Canadian... but before you turn the channel let me list off his stats. 63 tackles and 4 sacks in 2020, and 44 tackles this year before hitting the portal.


    • CB Eli Ricks - LSU. More than likely Bama or OSU bound, but... why not?
    • CB Marcus Banks - Bama. Per 247 he has been on campus... let's see how this one plays out.

    Drop any new names or comments you have below.

    Go Noles!

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