Let's Talk Coaching Carrousel a 2nd Time...

Almost 600 comments on the old, it's time for the new. Essentially the same content as before, but with a couple of additions.

Looks like more teams are going to have transition classes for Class of 22 croots. Sorry, let's make that more high profile schools. What we have so far:

Lincoln Riley - OU to USCw - could be dangerous, offensive mind in a major hotbed of skills talent

Sonny Dykes - SMU to TCU (to OU?) - AAC to Big XII for Dykes either way - an "ok" hire for the Frogs, I'd say less than "ok" for the land thieves

Billy Napier - Louisiana to UF - if Strickland is serious about stability, this is the hire - if he's serious about challenging UGa and Bama, doubtful

Josh Heupel - Tennessee to OU - he'd be going home again, not that the fans in Knoxville would miss him, not that they know any better

Brent Venable - Clemson to OU - we'd love this as Noles, 2 of the 3 stud assistants for Dabo in 3 years bailing - OU could afford to pay Venable what it'd take to leave Clemson and he knows the environment - DONE DEAL

David Cutcliffe - out at Duke - not sure there's real implications here as it feels he lead Duke to what should be considered success there - given his age, I doubt we see him linked to any head coaching gigs, but QB Coach/OC at a P5 school may be a logical step coming up

Brian Kelly - ND to LSU - I've got nothing here other than MAYBE a shot at a CFP, though you've gotta think his antics won't last long with LA kids/families... does Marcus Freeman simply get promoted or does Fickell come over and Freeman take his place at Cincy?

Brent Pry - PSU DC to Virginia Tech HC - Broyles Award finalist, was a GA under Bud Foster in the mid-90s, had been with James Franklin for a while at Vandy and PSU - feels underwhelming

Chris Marve has gone with him. Best of luck, Coach. Thanks for the on-field contributions.

Tony Eliot - Clemson to VIRGINIA - Done deal. Tough break for Dabo to lose both OCs in back to back years, and his DC this year, and his AD (to an ACC foe) this year. #Poverty

Mario Cristobal - Oregon to Miami (FL) - rumor of $9m/year plus buyout of $8m to Oregon and $7m to Manny to leave - could be less than ideal news for 305 recruiting for us

Jason Garrett - NY (football) Giants to Duke? Apparently picking up steam. Ivy league educated, NFL pedigree, amazingly boring. Seems he (sorry Nee) checks all the boxes.

Mike Elko - A&M DC to Duke HC - kinda came out of nowhere, not much of a ceiling at Duke, definitely a stepping stone type job - first time JimBob has had to replace a coordinator due to career advancement?

Anything else y'all got, here's the space.

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